“To the east of the Emperor’s realm lie the damned worlds, a reach
of cold stars and domains of death. The fires of war shall light these
benighted planets, some ignited with faith, others devoured by darkness.
Foes strike from within and without, all ignorant of the Dark Patterns
waiting to arise and destroy until nothing remains but oblivion. Only
those who stand watch in the depths of night may tip the balance.”

The Dead Cabal has called for you to serve the Imperium. Whether you are a Angel of Death or a common adept the Ordo Xenos has tracked down a team of unique individuals to combat one of the greatest threats to the Imperium of Man.

An entire battlegroup of the Achilles crusade has disappeared allowing the tau to gain the upper hand against Imperial forces forcing them onto the defensive as the Fire Caste launch a counter offensive the likes of which has never been seen before.

Reports speak of a large gathering of traitor forces in the sector as well. Several worlds have burned as they slowly move across the sector following some unknown agenda.

Servants of the Imperium it is time to stand your vigil and drive these forces back into the dark fires of oblivion that spawned them.

Deathwatch: The Dead Cabal

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